A Bond Amongst Brothers​​

Student Veteran: ​​​​Hector Cortes
Creators: Chase Colin, Berenice Narvaez, and Nishant Narayanan
Date/Term: December 4, 2017 / Fall 2017
Abstract: The whole essence of this project is show how Brotherhood affected Hector so much in a positive way. Throughout this whole Video Essence Essay our groups brings to light what Hector went through and he was able to manage Army life. For each clip from Hector's interview were preceded by transitions and narration to give the listeners a sense of whats going to be introduced . The secondary sources that were implemented in the video helped back up each talking point. This video shows how brotherhood can be such implemental during the service and also in the school setting. 

Challenges of the First Year

Student Veteran: ​​ Zachary Hardcastle
Creators: Andrew Thomton, Zoe Connelly, Karla Orozco
Date/Term: December 7, 2017 / Fall 2017
Abstract: This project shows the comparison of challenges both first year students in college face as well as new recruits face when they enter boot camp. Zach Hardcastle, a veteran and current student at MiraCosta College, was interviewed about his experiences with going through boot camp as a recruit, first year of college, and what makes the two different from each other. The main theme that we pulled out from the interview were the challenges that both students and recruits have during their first year. The video focuses on the comparison and what makes the two similar.

Break the Cycle

Student Veteran: ​​​​Charles Robinson 
Creators: Daisy Donoe, Natasha McFarland, Jaclyn Walsh
Date/Term: December 3, 2017 / Fall 2017
Abstract: This project brings to attention the difficulties of the transition from active duty military to civilian life, specifically student life at MiraCosta college. Charles Robinson, a veteran and student at MiraCosta, was interviewed about his experiences in the marines and how that affects him as a student. A main theme was extracted from the interview and incorporated into the video essay about his transition. Challenging yourself to have experiences outside of your comfort zone builds character and pushes your limits was the theme of the video essay. The video focuses on the parallels between experiences in the military and in college.​

Getting by with a Little Help

Student Veteran: ​​Josh Piero​
Creators: Nick Lopez, Naomi Colin and Andrew Kidwell
DTerm: Fall 207
Abstract: The MiraCosta Student Veteran Service Learning Project project looks at the experiences of Josh Piero in the United States Marine Corps. This video project was put together by Nick Lopez, Naomi Colin and Andrew Kidwell. The video uses the interview with Josh Piero to support our thesis of making a difference in the world. The focus of this video essay is to use our student veterans experience in the Marine Corps to support the idea that a person can start life off by aimlessly wandering around and then transition to joining the Marine Corps to give them direction and create a feeling of making a difference.

Motivation, Determination, and Discipline

Student Veteran: Brad Milton 
Creators: Megan Ferry, Morgan Townson, Stephan Smith
Term: Fall 2017, 12-04-17
Abstract: ​We were asked to interview a student vetran, and pull a deeper underlying meaning of their transition from active duty military to civilian life. And with Brad our student vetran we were able to pull a lot of good infromation from our interview.This project looks at what motivation, discipline, and determination can get you. We take a look at brads life, and saw he went from a kid who didn't care to a someone who saw what he wanted and went for it. We used some clips from the military videos and what there traits are and saw that brad emulated those traits, but we also pulled another motivational clip and you don't need the military to find your motivation, and its something you have as a person have to find within yourself. We used imovie to pull clips music and brad as a source to help pull our project together.

One’s Calling

Student Veteran: Calvin Coleman 
Creators: Jolinda Trody, Daniela Mendoza, Alec Peneschi, Kevon Belle
Term: Fall 2017
AbstractThe basis of this project was to create a video using mixed media in order to capture the essence of Calvin Coleman. The materials we used to create this piece include: iMovie, voice recorder, Audacity, YouTube, and iPhone to record the video interview.  The techniques we created in order to manipulate the piece include: editing from iMovie to correlate the video interview as well as the audio interview. There was editing from the motivational video to save time and space and Audacity was used to amplify and rid the background noise from the audio interview. Our overall approach was to create an understanding of Calvin’s journey from one profession to another. Upon completion of the assignment we found the piece aesthetically pleasing because of the way it molds to the human psyche, but can be a piece all on its own.

The Prophetic Soul 

Student Veteran: Macus Liu-fau-Wright
Creators: Shahlaa Raja, Liliana Ruiz
Date/Term: Fall 2017
AbstractThe basis of this project was to demonstrate the importance and complete significance of veterans transitioning into college and student life. When conducting this project, Shahlaa Raja and I, interviewed a student veteran, Marcus Liu-Fau Wright. The tools that were used in the interview include: two iPhone voice recording apps, a laptop, webcam, and a microphone.
Abstract: This project allowed Shahlaa and I to encourage many men and women, especially in the military, to reach out, found their resources, and engage in appropriate and positive coping methods. The techniques we used were based on building rapport, building trust, and asking significant questions to ensure that the interviewee is comfortable with us, the interviewers. Our overall approach was to create a meaningful, enlightening and hopeful message to display to other individuals. Upon completion of the assignment Shahlaa and I found the piece aesthetically and emotionally pleasing because of the way it relates to others and how it encourages others to reach out and as well give support to others in their community.


Student Veteran: Kyle Linebaugh
Creators: Calixta Espinoza, James Jordan, and Andrew Deyoung Term: Spring 2017
Abstract: The purpose of this project for student veterans was to understand what these service members had gone through and what they are currently going through physically and mentally. We as students were to get to know our assigned student veterans life before, during, and after the military. We were to interview our veteran about his or her life and at the same time create a bond between all of us. We have found that it was easier to get to know our veteran before the interview creating a comfort and kindly environment so that the veteran kind feel comfortable enough to answer these questions created for them. We all have different experiences, some we can compare, some we can understand, and some we can only listen but not know the same feeling. This project gave us students an opportunity to not only meet a student veteran but also we were able to get to know who our veteran was and his story on how he became a service member.

We Aspire

Student Veteran: Eddie Robinson Jr.​
: John Duong, Colleen Ramirez, and Chastity Suttle

Term: Spring 2017
This research draws upon mostly primary sources including memoirs, interviews, and pictures of our student veteran Eddie Robinson Jr. The material we used to create this piece include: visual/musical aids, memoirs, interviews: Eddie Robinson Jr, Charles Robinson, Dominick Robinson, pictures from SV family, and family albums. The techniques we created in order to manipulated the piece include: pictures of SV family, video of SV family, internet montage (still pictures) text and special and collage effects.
    As the video begins we see a military man with open arms while his young daughter runs to jump in his awaiting open arms. The narration begins with a family statistic, background music and then moves to Eddie Voice reminiscing about his grandfather's life as a Marine, then the story of his own life as a marine. Then the story begins to evolve with the video and the still photographs of Eddie and his family as we follow the storytelling of Eddie and his recollections of his military life. The video then transitions into another narration, Eddies begins speaking of his college life, with the focus talking of his possible apprehensions of returning to school, with video of Eddie and Professor Strona and a classroom environment. We then begin to view soldiers triaging war victims and Eddie narrating his passion for “helping others” which then leads to family photographs of his three month old baby, his fiancee, Edith, his two brothers and current family photos of recent holidays. This video ends with banter conversation with Chastity, Colleen and Eddie finalizing the importance of family support throughout life.

(Re)building Life 

Student Veteran: Tom Rodenhaver​
Creators: Gonzalo Flores and Cameron McNamara
Term: Spring 2017
Abstract: In this video, you will hear the story we uncovered from a student-veteran, Tom Rodenhaver, and his experience in the Navy, which led him to discover his interest in Architecture encouraging him to continue rebuilding his life. The approach of this project was to collect information from a student-veteran open to discuss their experience with fellow students, and work together to build an Audio-Visual Essence Essay (AVE). We begin to formulate a story to bring awareness to the community about the lifestyle of student-veterans, and promote their stories for inspiration, awareness, education, or entertainment. The building of Brotherhood, or Camaraderie is an essential part of the military no matter the occupation, supported with a life experience of an Aviation Ordnance service member, we noted the involvement our service member experienced. Formally the process of rebuilding your life from whatever situation you may be in life, our student-veteran endorses the possibilities of a struggling teen, to a respectable aviation ordnance man, and a college student pursuing a career in Architecture

From Marine to Student:
A Tale of Camaraderie, Family, and Legacy

Student Veteran: Jeff King
Creators: Ernest Jackson, Thaddeus DeLaPena, Lizbeth Barranco, Jeff King
Term: Spring 2017
Abstract: The basis of this project was to create and prove an argument by first interviewing a student veteran and then use that student veteran as primary source material to create an audiovisual essay. The materials we used to create this project include Audacity, Premiere Pro, a laptop camera, pictures donated by the student Veteran, and data gathered from credible sources. The audio-visual essay was created through the process of editing video and picture images using Adobe Premiere Pro. Transitions, music, text, images, and b-roll/external video sources were used as an overlay in parts of the video to create an emphasis on the topic of Camaraderie to have the viewer understand how important it was for Jeff to have that sense of Camaraderie while serving overseas and many other places he served while he was in the Marine Corps serving for twenty-three years and coming back into civilian life to achieve an associates degree in College. About twelve hours into each draft were endured while creating the overall piece. Our overall goal was to create a medium where anyone could learn about the life of a student veteran. We did this by creating an audiovisual essay that shows how comradery is used by Jeff King in his veteran life, student life, and family life. Upon completion of the assignment, we found the project successful in proving our argument and providing viewers a window into what it is like to be a student veteran.

Individual to Community 

Student Veteran: Jimia Graves
Creators: Kristina Martignago, Leslie Lopez, and Bonnie Blaine
Term: Spring 2017
Abstract:  Throughout this interview you will hear the story of a young man who enlisted into the United States Marine Corps looking for a new life experience. Jimia Graves, at young age was living a “individual” lifestyle before the military, after enlisting he began to make bonds with his fellow Marines and learned the value of “brotherhood” and found the sense of community that we all hope to find. Throughout his service he has learned valuable life lessons that have brought him to explore the life he is living now. While being enlisted Graves was able to find the community he has been searching for and now since leaving the military and entering into the collegiate world he is looking to improve his life and recreate the community that he had.

The Transition

Student Veteran:  Jeremiah Wilson
Creators: Frank Bamford, Robert Martinez, Sarah Woytkiw
Term: Spring 2017
Abstract:  The basis of this audio-visual essay was to create a story that showed the importance of veterans helping other veterans. We used the oral interview of Jeremiah Wilson (veteran), multiple media clips that supported the thesis, as well as narration to guide the viewer throughout the piece. The viewer will learn the importance of the strength that comes from the camaraderie of shared experiences. In this essay, we highlight how, through the MiraCosta College Student Veteran Oral History Service Learning Project, veterans are able to share their knowledge and advice with other prior service members. This exchange of knowledge helps service members understand how they can be successful in transitioning from active duty to the academic life

Continuing to Give Back

Student Veteran: Gerald Borja
Creators: Lourdes Banuelos, Anthony Rice, and Cody Ward
Term: Spring 2017
Abstract:  Gerald Borja grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles named Alhambra. With lack of ambition and guidance, Gerald did not pursue college head on. After being motivated by his cousins Borja took the plunge to sign up for the United States Marine Corps. Sgt Borja served multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in an 8 year span. Through his life experiences and hard work protecting our nation, he decided to finally hang up his uniform to pick up the textbooks and tackle a new career field. Gerald is now spending his time and energy here at MiraCosta College to hopefully enter the nursing program to in return help society once again just as he did in the Marine Corps. 

Javier Guerra

Student Veteran: Javier Guerra
Creators: Melissa Calderon, Maria Cordada, Ursula Kuterbach
Term: Fall 2016

Rachel Davis

Student Veteran: Rachel Davis
Creators: Joshua Pertri, Alondra Osuna and Vanessa
Term: Fall 2016

Ismael Sotelo

Student Veteran: Ismael Sotelo
Creators: Albert 
Term: Fall 2016

Nick Gobrecht

Student Veteran: Nicholas Gobrecht
Creators: Brad Milton, Daniel Cerda and Eleazar Herrera
Term: Fall 2016

Tamieka Sargent

Student Veteran: Tamieka Sargent
Creators: Ana Madera, Germaine Germundson and Tania Camarena
Term: Fall 2016

Cody Ward

Student Veteran: Cody Ward
Creators: Tom Rodenhaver, Juan Rivera and Enrique Rodriguez
Term: Fall 2016

Hector Rodriguez

Student Veteran: Hector Rodriguez
Creators: David Garcia and  Juan Arellano 
Term: Fall 2016